The Nurse Who Loved Me: A Tribute To FAILURE

by (Damn) This Desert Air



'The Nurse Who Loved Me: A Tribute To Failure' is all around triumphant. This album pays tribute to one of the greatest bands of the 90s and the legacy they have left the musical world. There are few bands that deserve a tribute more so than Failure, as they have defined a mighty sound, that has remained so influential to so many bands, in numerous different ways."

Tracklist: Band/Song

01. Evangelos - Saturday Savior
02. (Damn) This Desert Air - Sergeant Politeness
03. Exeter - Smoking Umbrellas
04. Sex Club Reject - Solaris
05. Orion - Another Space Song
06. Emotron - Undone
07. Stemage - Leo
08. Satellite Tragedy - Frogs
09. The Company We Keep & Rilian - Pitiful
10. Paramore - Stuck On You
11. Catch The Sun - Blank
12. B.L. Barakus/Digicide - Heliotropic
13. Solare - Daylight
14. Tablets Of Orion - Petting The Carpet
15. 30 Fathom Grave - Wet Gravity
16. Planet ID - Muffled Snaps
Bonus Tracks:
17. The Company We Keep/Stacy Clark - Stuck On You
18. Stemage - Undone
19. Satellite Tragedy - Pennies


released November 25, 2008

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(Damn) This Desert Air New Jersey

(Damn) This Desert Air create big, booming, melodic rock wide in its breadth, sound and scope. Injecting heavy space riffs with a foundation of post-hardcore, (Damn) This Desert Air are finding an audience who not only desire a thick, full blast of sound, but also attention to dynamic detail in their music. Memorable songs with a few left turns are what make (D)TDA stand firmly on their feet. ... more

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